Tracks & Rods

Custom make Curtain Tracks & Rods

Designed, assembled and manufactured right here in New Zealand for New Zealand’s living & weather conditions. Our tracks & rods are crafted from the highest quality aluminium to provide you years of trouble free products.

At Best Readymade, we can supply a wide range of quality Curtain Tracks and Rods, and these include:

Custom Make Superfit Curtain Track (Cord drawn is also available)

Custom Make Curtain Rod (Cord drawn is also available)

Double Track with Sheer Track (Cord drawn is also available)

Double Rod with Sheer Track (Cord drawn also available)

Extendable Curtain Track

Sheer/Voile Tracks

 Superfit Track and Rod available colours. For the most modern-day look, choose the right coloured Curtain Track to bring together with your wall colour; making your curtains the main focal point of the environment.

Transform the simplest curtain into a stunning feature with the co-ordinating Rod end caps.

Curtain holdback enables you to stack your curtains neatly right beside your windows and maximises the amount of Sunlight come into the room, at the same time helps to keep your curtains in their neat folds.

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